How to Keep Squirrels Off Your Roof and Garage

How to Keep Squirrels Off Your Roof

What bad things can squirrels do to your roof?

Squirrels, while cute and seemingly harmless, can wreak havoc on your roof and garage if left unchecked. These furry creatures are notorious for causing various types of damage, which can lead to costly repairs and inconvenience for homeowners.

List of typical damage that squirrels can cause:

  1. Chewed Electrical Wires: Squirrels have a natural instinct to chew on objects to keep their teeth from growing too long. Unfortunately, this includes gnawing on electrical wires, which can pose a fire hazard and result in expensive repairs.
  2. Roof Shingle Damage: Squirrels may tear or lift shingles while searching for nesting materials. This compromises the integrity of your roof, making it susceptible to leaks and water damage.
  3. Attic Nesting: Squirrels often seek shelter in attics, creating nests with materials they find in your home. Their presence can lead to foul odors, feces accumulation, and potential structural damage.
  4. Gnawing on Wood: Squirrels may chew on wooden components of your roof and garage, causing structural weaknesses and aesthetic damage.

Tips on How to Keep Squirrels Off Your Roof

Protecting your roof and garage from squirrel damage requires proactive measures. Here are some effective tips to keep these furry intruders at bay:

Trimming Tree Branches:

One way to discourage squirrels from accessing your roof is by trimming tree branches that provide easy access. Ensure that branches are at least 8-10 feet away from your roof to prevent squirrels from jumping onto it.

Cover Electrical Wires:

Protect your electrical wiring by encasing it in a durable conduit. This not only prevents squirrels from gnawing on the wires but also reduces the risk of electrical malfunctions and fire hazards.

Squirrel Guards:

Install squirrel guards or mesh screens over vulnerable areas, such as vents and openings. These guards act as a physical barrier, preventing squirrels from entering your attic or nesting under solar panels.

Remove Food Sources:

Eliminate potential food sources around your property. Secure trash cans, avoid feeding pets outdoors, and pick up fallen fruits or nuts promptly. Squirrels are less likely to linger in areas where food is scarce.

How to Keep Squirrels Off Your Roof

Tips on How to Get Rid of Squirrels in Your Roof’s Attic

If squirrels have already infiltrated your attic, taking swift action is crucial. Here are some effective strategies to evict them:

Locate and Seal Entry Points:

Identify and seal any potential entry points in your roof or attic. Squirrels can squeeze through surprisingly small openings, so be thorough in your inspection and use materials like steel wool or hardware cloth for effective sealing.

Squirrel Repellents:

Consider using squirrel repellents, either commercially available or homemade. Common natural deterrents include pepper-based sprays or predator urine. Apply these repellents strategically in areas where squirrels are most likely to enter.


Live-trapping is a humane method to catch and relocate squirrels. Use specially designed traps and place them near entry points or along their travel routes. Once captured, release the squirrels far away from your property to prevent their return.

By implementing these proactive measures and promptly addressing squirrel infestations, you can safeguard your roof and garage from potential damage, ensuring a secure and comfortable home environment.

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