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We provide both manufacturing and installation services. That means that we have an unrivalled possibility to control quality of the product and customise it if necessary and to acquire our roofers with the smallest details about the product they are working with.

We hire only the best professionals and do all we can to make them better. Our employees continually attend seminars and trainings to ensure that they possess the expertise and new technologies required to provide the best services on the market.

We constantly take part in expositions and educational forums such as RoofTech to prove us to the clientele and give them the possibility to look at and try out our products to confirm their finest quality.

We set is as our goal to satisfy all our customers and pursue it eagerly in all spheres of the business. We follow the technological advancements and educate ourselves, we offer training courses for our employees and the best product for our customers. Explore, what Roof for life metal roofing has to offer you

Metal roofing benefits

Metal roofing is strong enough to withstand hail and thick layer of snow. At the same time it is an extremely light material: it weighs approximately 0.92 lbs/ft

The above mentioned fact allows Roofforlife to offer installation over the existing roofing, which can save you a pretty penny on desinstallation and disposal.

Utilizing this kind of material creates a possibility to save money on additional trusses.

Metal roofing is fire resistant, which provides protection for your building shall such a  problem arise.

It is known as the cool roof for its energy efficiency. Metal roofing will keep your building cool in summer as it reflects up to 80% of solar ray’s energy and warmer in winter. Not only that helps to keep a safe environment inside, but saves the owner a lot of money on heating and conditioning.

Metal roofing is a long-term investment in your residential housing or commercial property. Because of its durability it can last 55 years, which is supported by the warranty of the same term that we issue on each completed project.

It is cost-efficient. When you take into account the lifecycle cost – that is the often unseen cost of maintenance and operation, as well as possible re-roofing in a couple of decades, it is the metal roof that takes the lead in cost-effectiveness. It saves you money long-term and adds value to your house.

Metal roofing manufactured by Roofforlife is virtually maintenance free. Due to its durability, protective properties and technological advancements, it requires little to no attention. The coating that is used in manufacturing protects the roof from development of moss, mildew and fungi, which are a great problem when it comes to other roofing applications that will eventually require pressure washing and can be damaged by it. Unlike shingles and wooden or clay tiles, Roofforlife metal roofing has no vulnerable pieces that may require later replacement due to being damaged.




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