Does a metal roof make rain fall noisy?

Due to our installation method, our roofs are soundproof. This is largely due to the fact that the roof has multiple layers under the exterior metal sheers, namely the membrane, shingles layer, plywood, rafters, insulation, and ceiling. Thus, you roof will not be any louder than a standard shingles roof. Often the case, it will actually be quieter than a shingles roof.

Can hail damage my metal roof?

Metal roofs are highly resistant to any hail damage, much more than a shingles roof. If you live in an area with frequent hail and are worried about damage to your house, metal roofing is your best choice.

Will a metal roof be more prone to getting hit by lightning? Am I safe in a thunderstorm?

No. Although there is a chance that lighting can strike your roof, the cause will not be the metal roof, but the height of the house in relation to trees or other high objects in its vicinity. In any case, having a metal roof actually improves the safety of the house’s inhabitants because the metal disperses the electric charge equally across the entire structure. Furthermore, since a metal roof is fire proof, the potential of a fire caused by an unlikely lightning strike is practically eliminated.

Can I walk on my metal roof? Could this damage the roof and is it safe?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to walk on a metal roof. However, in the case where the pitch of the roof is very steep, we do not recommend doing it unless you are a professional with safety equipment. Regardless, before you do decide to walk on your roof, please ask for recommendations from your roofing contractor who can explain a safe way to do it and indicate where you should be stepping in order to eliminate any potential damage to your roof. Furthermore, you would need to make sure that your footwear doesn’t have small sharp stone stuck on the bottom or any sharp edges that might scratch the top coating on the metal surface of the roof.

How long will it take you to install my metal roof?

Installation time depends on the size and complexity of your roof as well as the extent of additional work that might need to be done, such as shingle removal, eaves installation, skylight replacement. Thus, in short, it depends. A typical mid-size home roof with no major additions usually takes our team 3-4 days.

Will you remove the shingles from my roof?

Typically we do not remove shingles and install a new roof on the existing structure. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, the existing roof will work as an additional barrier. Secondly, removing shingles usually results in leaving holes in the underlying plywood that tends to make the plywood loose and weaker as a structural support. Thirdly, when shingles are removed, there are a lot of nails that come off. Although our installers always do a diligent job in cleaning up the site after the job is finished, we can’t guarantee that a few nails will not get lost on your driveway or backyard and potentially pose a safety hazard. Fourthly, our cost of removing shingles is approximately $1/per sq. ft., depending on the complexity of the roof. The customer always has the choice to remove the shingles off their roof if they desire. However, if there is no real need to remove the shingles roof before metal roof installation, then we think that there is no need for you to pay those extra charges.

Nevertheless, there are two scenarios when we will insist that the shingles do need to be removed. The first is when the roof is over 60-70 years old and will not be able to support the new metal roof and all its accessories. The second is when your current roof has more than 2-3 layers of shingles and the installation of the metal roof might cause structural sagging. In both of these cases we would need to remove at least one layer of shingles and potentially work on improving the structural support. This additional work is always quoted as part of our official estimate and we do not begin metal roof installation unless we are 100% certain that your house can support it.

Will the colour of my roof fade over time?

In short, no. Our company uses a Granite Deep Mat finish with a nominal dry film thickness of 27 microns and has four layers of durable textured finishes. After a long period of time, some 40 years, the colour will inevitably change slightly due to constant UV exposure. However, this process is so slow and gradual, that it is unlikely that there will ever be any significant colour change. The only visible colour change can occur due to airborne particles setting on your roof, especially if your house is in an area where there tends to be a lot of dust or minute debris from trees or plants. In these cases, a rainy day or a simple wash with a pressurized water hose will clean the roof quickly.

How can I get an estimate? Do you charge money for this?

We offer two type of estimates, both of which are completely free of charge. Our less-accurate satellite estimate is unofficial and only about 85-90% accurate. We advise that you schedule an in-person estimate with one of our representatives. This way you can get a chance to look at our samples and obtain an official 100% accurate quote that will be valid for 30 days.

What areas do you operate in?

We operate primarily in the Greater Golden Horseshoe region of Southern Ontario. However, project locations that are further than 100km from our operating center can be accepted on a case by case basis.