Metal Roofing Prices

Metal roofing cost in Toronto

Whether you want a metal roof installed on your newly-built house or a re-roofing, you might want to take a look at  GTA metal roofing prices to calculate the cost and choose what’s best for you. Below you will find all the information you need.

The prices estimates presented include the installation cost, which in the case of metal roofing is quite high due to the amount of skills and instruments required to the job. The following prices are average estimates for a metal roof with a medium level of complexity, it is going to give you an idea about the current situation on the market.

Please note that since the cost includes labour it will go up for more complex roofing systems such as hip and valley, gambrel and dormers. It will also go down when implemented on simpler solutions like tilted flat roofs.

Moreover, as the installation of the metal roof itself is only a part of the job, the overall price of the project depends on many factors not the least among which is your house’s ventilation and heating systems. Therefore, instead of asking “how much do I pay for metal roof” you should rather be asking “how much do I pay for the unique project that is my house”. A consultation with experts will help you with that.

Roofing shingles

Roofing Shingles

A low-end and multi-purpose choice. The shingles may come in paint or in a variety of coatings that mask the steel shine. Installation requires problematic battens and strapping.

Expect to pay on average: $3,50 per sq ft

Advantages: Inexpensive, can be used to achieve a variety of looks. Many manufacturers offer a range of textures and colors.

Drawbacks: Higher level to exposure to the elements, hence higher  flashing requirements. If exposed fasteners are used, there is a chance of it loosening and causing a leak.

Suitable for: All types of roofs, low-budget.

Metal roofing tiles

Metal Roofing Tiles

This material is tailored to mimic classic tile and usually comes in panels of painted medium gauge galvanized steel.

Expect to pay on average: $4,50 per sq ft

Advantages: Good looking metal roofing, will last way longer than asphalt shingles, comes at a handsome price.

Drawbacks: Low quality pieces have either exposed fasteners that may loosen with time and cause leaks or just minimal flashing options. It may also be quite difficult to install, as often than not it would lack special elements high-end solutions have. That means it may require a re-roofing once a 13-15 years.

Suitable for: Simple and medium complexity roofing systems, low budget.

Steel metal roof

Steel Metal Roof

It is an economic yet long lasting solution that comes in a variety of finishes. It is also the most popular product on the market.

Expect to pay on average: $5,50 per sq ft

Advantages: Takes heavy rain and hail just fine: has a wide range of flashing opportunities, can be made soundproof. Will stand a thick layer of snow. A snow guard can be installed to protect people and cars parked near the roof from ice and snow falling on them.

Is considered a “cool roof” as it reflects sun rays better – especially if painted in a light tone – thus saving the house from heat. Will stand at least 40+ years without re-roofing because it is resistant to rust.

Drawbacks: The price may go up for very complex roofing systems.

Suitable for: All types of roofs, low to medium budget.

Zinc roofing

Zinc Roofing

An alternative to the popular choice of stainless steel.

Expect to pay on average: $5,50 per sq ft

Advantages: Zinc is very malleable, so it can be formed into shingles with very intricate patterns. It also durable, but since most steel solutions have a zinc coating, it is not a huge difference from them.

Drawbacks: The paint wears off into a whitish hue with time. Unlike steel roofing prices, the cost of this material is volatile and may be subject to sudden change.

Suitable for: All types of roofs, low to medium budget.

Aluminium standing seam & shingles

Aluminum Roofing

It is a less common choice than the ones listed above due to its high price.

Expect to pay on average: $10 per sft

Advantages: Does not rust, is very light, so it will not expose a roofing system to a big weight.

Drawbacks: High price tag

Suitable for: All types of roofs, big budget

Copper roof options

Copper shingles or panels are considered a more exotic and hence expensive option. It is widely used on churches or historic building – the chances are it is green due to a layer of patina – but the use in residential housing is possible, although restrained due to high cost of the product and the expertise required to perform an installation.

Expect to pay on average: $13 per sq ft

Advantages: A premium quality metal, looks classy in most cases.

Drawbacks: If you are not a big fan of green, you may regret your choice in 4 or 5 years as copper weathers to a greenish tint. It is also quite heavy, so your roofing system has to be designed to withstand a lot of weight. And, of course, there is the price tag.

Suitable for: Roofing systemss designed to bear weight, big budget.

A couple of things to keep in mind

When choosing your best option, make sure you count all the factors. Investments in the cheap metal roofing that will, however, live long enough to spare you a re-roofing tend to be the most beneficial.

Due to the same reason it is not the best option to try to save up on quality of material or installation services choosing the cheapest available – it may result in isolation problems and require a repair quite soon.

Carefully read and analyze the product warranty. Read into the fine print, don’t fall for the number of years stated on the main page since many such numbers tend to be deceiving.

Remember that the cost of the tear down and disposal of the roof you currently have is not included in the estimates above. Most contractors who offer installation services also offer the tear down, but it may be more thrifty to get different people to do the job, because good contractors who you want to hire to install your roofing with the best quality may also charge a bigger sum for taking the existing roof apart.



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