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How to apply for a Roof For Life Inc. discount

In order to apply for any discount, you need to have a signed contract as well as a legitimate identification document that can confirm your name and address, such as a driver’s license. Furthermore, there are a few additional steps that you need fulfill:

icon Download official discount application form

Download an official discount application form, choose the discount you are applying for, and fill-out all the necessary information.

icon personal information

Before signing a contract with the Roof For Life Inc representative, provide them your ID, property ownership document, and completed discount form.

icon chat box

Leave a comment on the official Roof For Life Inc. Google review page.

The discount will be applied only after the above-mentioned points are fulfilled.

Promotional Discounts

(Mutually exclusive)
icon Discount for seniors or people with disabilities

Discount for seniors or people with disabilities

If you are 65 years or older and/or a person with long-term disability, you can qualify for an up to $500 discount (and not above 5% of total project cost). The amount will be determined by a representative of Roof For Life, will be based on established facts, and will also depend on whether one applies for a neighbour/friend/relative referral discount.

icon Promotional Roof For Life Inc. banner installation

Promotional Roof For Life Inc. banner installation

If you are an owner of a house that is located at the centre of a neighbourhood, we have a discount opportunity to install a company banner at the front of your property for at least 2 months and at most 6 months during spring-summer-fall seasons. Please contact our office representative to find out more about any potential discounts.

icon Neighbourhood group deal

Neighbourhood group deal

We offer a group discount of 5% for group deals of 3 properties or more. All the properties must be located within 5km radius of each other. The 5% discount is applied to the total sum price of the group project.

Referral Discounts

icon Sign up your neighbours or friends

Sign up your neighbours or friends

icon Sign up your relatives

Sign up your relatives

Restrictions and Limitations

icon promotional discount

Only one promotional discount can be applied to a single project. Referral discounts can be applied for on multiple occasions and are not mutually exclusive with the promotional discounts. After a client has signed a contract, they have one year to refer neighbours or friends and be eligible for a cash back amount if the referred clients sign a contract with Roof For Life Inc.

icon promotional discounts

In the event that a Roof For Life representative gives a mutually agreed upon salesman discount to a client at the moment of signing a contract, that client becomes ineligible for any additional promotional discounts. Referral discounts can still be applied for.

icon additional information

Roof For Life has the right to demand additional information (such as official ID and documents) from the client in order to confirm the information provided by the client in their application for any particular discount.

icon client’s application refusal

Roof For Life reserves the right to refuse a client’s application for a discount.

icon terms of promotional and referral discounts

Roof For Life reserves the right to adjust the terms of promotional and referral discounts without the consent of the client.

icon Greater Toronto Area

All 5 types of discounts can be applied only to projects in the Greater Toronto Area.

icon canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada.

All 5 types of discounts can be applied for only by Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada.


How to apply

In order to apply for a financing option, one needs to complete an application form indicating personal, housing, and employment information.

icon official ID number

Your personal information must correspond to the one indicated on your official ID.

icon address

If the address where our product needs to be installed or delivered to is different from the home address, the work site address should be provided.

social insurance number icon

Financeit Canada requires a social insurance number to help ensure the accuracy of your credit check and to prevent any potential fraud.

icon property owner

For purchase amounts larger than $15,000, the applicant or the co-applicant must be the owner of the property being serviced (their name must appear on the land registry office title).

credit report

The credit report is generated after signing the application form.


12 Months0%
24 Months8.99%
Up to 60 MonthsStarting from 8.99%


$1,000 - $4,999Starting from 10.99%60 Months
$5,000 - $100,000Starting from 9.99%60 Months

EXTENDED CREDIT (Designed for applicants who do not qualify for the Standard Credit program)

$1,000 - $4,999Starting from 12.99%60 Months
$5,000 - $60,000Starting from 12.99%60 Months

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