We are a manufacturer, which means that we have a possibility to control the quality at an unrivalled level. It is due to this fact that we can claim that our products will stand for 50 years and provide a corresponding warranty.

Being a manufacturer also gives our roofers the perk of knowing the material they work with perfectly. Basically, people who have been working with the same roofing system for years will do a good job on a project of any level of difficulty.

The manufacture situated at our base in Toronto area is operated by skilled sheet metal fabricators.  It enables us to provide our customers with a wide variety of roofing products in different color solutions quickly and effectively.

The installation of roof tiles

We are professionals. We are driven by catering to our clients and that means we hire only the best to make them even better. Our construction workers and builders constantly take part in seminars and trainings to grow in their field and to offer our clients the best service on the market.

We install roofs of any complexity and vouch for the quality of the work. The high standards for our product’s durability and the quality installation works, which are planned by experienced constructors, allow us to offer a 55 years warranty on all of our projects.

Great design & optimal solutions for each project

Our concern is our clients’ comfort. Not only do we implement technological decisions to make your house withstand the summer heatwaves and the thick layer of snow in winter, but we also care about the aesthetics.

That is the reason we provide an in-house design services to each of our clients. It makes it possible for us to cater to all their needs and deliver the best service possible.

Our goal is to manufacture and install a roofing system that will stand for solid half a century and will please our customers for the duration.

Refurbishment and guaranteed roof specification

Installation of roofing systems on newly-built houses is only a part of our business, we also offer a refurbishment of already existing buildings. The client can choose to have a re-roofing scheme made for their house. Our experts will study the plans of the existing roof to plan its easy dismantlement  and to offer a reinforcing if needed.

Alternatively the client can choose over-roofing: as our product is both durable and lightweight it can be installed over the existing roof, letting the disruption be as minimal as it can be.
We offer writing roof specifications for our products that will spare you the trouble of spending hours on writing the heavy document. The service is free-of-charge.



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