You’re not in business to make a quick buck, and neither are we. RoofForLife has been around for long enough to have the expertise required to tackle a commercial roofing project of any difficulty. Talk to our consulting personnel to get an advice on any question you may have about metal roofing.

Whether you are a school, a shop, an office center or anything else, we have the expertise and the product to offer. We work with each project individually to ensure the best quality for your unique case and deliver the solution that will make your building safe for long years.

Since we have our own manufacture we can offer metal sheet roofing products in a palette of color solutions and materials and at the same time ensure its best quality. The location of the manufacture makes it easy to produce and deliver the products quickly and effectively.

The coating we use for metal roofing is long-lasting and is specifically designed to prevent moss, mildew and fungi from growing on it. This ensures your construction’s safety and its long time of service, while saving you a lot of money on re-roofing.

We produce lightweight yet durable metal roofing that will affect your building’s load minimally while being great at protecting it from the elements. Metal panels are strong enough to take a thick layer of snow and help it slide off while being watertight.

Such a solution will keep your goods, your employees and your clients safe no matter what the weather has to offer. It is a versatile option that is great at keeping any type of roofing constructions dry and warm.

Come and check our stand at the next exposition – see the quality by your own eyes. We continually partake in such events as expositions and educational forums like RoofTech.

Unlike most solutions, metal roofing will last way longer. It is a simple yet durable material that requires little to no maintenance. It is strong enough to withstand hard weather conditions and is not prone to rusting. All this makes it extremely long-lasting. While most companies provide up to 30 years warranty on their products, we are willing to go as far as to issue a 50 years warranty on any roofing installed by our employees, because we control the quality of the installation and manufacturing ourselves and stand behind it.

As mentioned above, the requirements for maintenance of such a roofing system are minimal. That saves you tons of money on the unseen operation cost – for a cheaper but much more difficult to maintain roof the price of annual repairs, patches or just checks can be rather significant.

Moreover, metal roofing will prevent your building from fires due to its fire-resistant properties. This type of material ensures your and your employees’ safety no matter what.
Finally, metal roofing, also known as the cool roofing conserves a lot of energy. Due to isolation properties it will keep the building warmer in winter and cooler in summer, reducing the energy cost on heating and conditioning respectively.



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