Buying a house is one of the biggest investments in our lives. To make the most of it, it should be properly protected from the elements. When considering installing a new roof it would be a good idea to rely on a professional company to take care of your home’s safety.

We are concerned with your comfort and safety, so we hire only the best certified professionals in the field. But we do not stop there: our employees constantly undergo trainings and safety seminars. These measures make sure the procedures we use are fully in accord with modern standards.

To cover all the possible weak points in the process of making our clients happy we have decided to manufacture our products ourselves at our premises in Toronto area. It gives us both the ability to control the quality of steel sheets and the flexibility in manufacturing that allows us to offer solutions in various types of metal and color.

It is because of this decision we can now vouch that the roofing system installed with Roofforlife will stand for 50 years and provide a warranty to prove that.

The longevity of your home’s protection is one of the key factors, as such a long durability term will enable your family to save thousands of dollars on re-roofing. WIth us, you will not need one. Well, not until after 50 years from now.

Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We hold it as the basis of our enterprise and truly believe it is the most important thing in running a business. To achieve just that we offer a comprehensive range of services from in-house design for each project to manufacturing a roofing system that matches your needs and budget and installing it while taking care of your existing roof.

Many companies are in business just for a quick buck. We are not. We have settled to last long and we prove that by issuing 50 years warranties to each of our projects. Work with us and you will receive a roof for life, a roof that we will be proud of, a roof that will keep your family safe as long as you live.

We have all the necessary licenses and bonds to ensure that we stand behind the quality of the product we provide. All the services and products we provide are given a warranty and insurance. Roofforlive’s viability is also shown through our constant presence on expositions, where we offer to see the quality of our product for yourself.

What is most important, we let our job speak for us. Our skilled employees work hard to complete the job quickly, professionally and safely. It makes us proud to take a look at the list of satisfied customers, provided with a roofing system that will stand half a century.

Thousands of families have chosen to place their trust in us and they were not disappointed. We provided for them and we will provide for you. Discover our latest projects and see for yourself what we can offer.



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